Frequently asked questions

As experts on all Paris’s assets & attractions, our PR team is happy to assist journalists and media with planning press visits, providing them with itinerary ideas, statistics and pictures to inspire your audience and illustrate your publications


Bureau d'accueil de l'Office à l'hôtel de ville de Paris


Does Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau assist writers with fact checking?

Yes, our media relations staff is happy to assist writers in completing their articles about Paris, finding the appropriate contact for your questions or giving story ideas of places of interest and events not to be missed.

Does Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau host group press trips? If so, can I be added to the list of attendees for future press trips?

Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau does not regularly host group press trips, however, we do work individually with journalists on assignment. If completing your article requires a visit to Paris, please contact us to see how we can be of some help

When is the best time to arrange a press visit to Paris? When should I recommend that my readers visit the city?

Press visits usually work best during low season, which is traditionally during the winter and late summer but we do examine each request case-by-case.

Paris is the perfect example of a year-round destination, but readers can typically find lower hotel rates and fewer crowds between 1 November and 31 March.

Can Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau assist me with hotel accommodations?

We handle each journalist accommodation request individually, depending on the period, on the media and on the article planned. We work to connect visiting press with our hotel members who may extend an attractive media rate or in some special occasions, complimentary accommodations on a case-by-case basis. We do work to match each journalist with a hotel that best suits their story.  While our priority is to be as accommodating as possible to working press, please note that hotels and attractions are not always able to accommodate spouses, children, and visitors that may be accompanying media.


Do you arrange work visas or film permits?

Please note that Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau doesn’t handle film permits but we can provide you with the appropriate contacts here.


Do you have photos of Paris?

Please visit our photo library, which can be accessed here after registration.

Do you have B-Roll or drone video we can use?

Unfortunately we don’t have any videos free of rights to provide you with.



Do you have any additional research available?

Check out our Research & Statistics for more information available on our Press centre or ask us directly for more precise requests.

Where can I view the schedule of events?

We invite you to have a look on our general public site:

What is the official hashtag for Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau?

We are present under the brand Paris Je T’aime

Facebook Paris je t’aime

Twitter @ParisJeTaime

Instagram @parisjetaime


Media Visit Guidelines

One of our missions is to assist travel media who are on assignment to produce a Paris feature.

We receive a great number of requests from journalists and influencers seeking legitimate privileges. As a result and to most effectively meet medias’ needs, we ask you to:

Allow at least three weeks advance notice before your trip.

Send us an original copy of or link to any article as a result of your assisted visit to Paris (mentioning We are unable to assist with future media requests from media who fail to provide us with results.

Media Assistance Form

Travel media interested in visiting Paris should complete the form linked below and submit the following to describe requests and accommodation needs: a letter of assignment, a copy of any previous coverage from past trips, examples of travel coverage published in the last year from the outlet you are writing for.