Tourism in Paris - Key Figures

The key figures of Tourism in Paris, a reference for all Parisian tourism professionals, compiles all the economic indicators for tourism activity in Paris.

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Tourism in Paris - Key Figures 2018

Although expected, the strong recovery in tourism in Greater Paris in 2017 largely exceeded forecasts. Who could have predicted that after a downturn in 2016, when even the image of the French capital was tarnished, the tourism industry in Paris would see record growth the following year? The global economic recovery is one of the factors in this rebound. But this achievement is also of course directly attributable to an ambitious recovery plan funded by the City of Paris, the French State and the Île-de-France region, in which the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau played an active part. In seeking to reassure tourists and at the same time revive the image of the destination, the Bureau has been an important player in this turnaround.

The 16th edition of Tourism in Paris – Key Figures will enable you to measure the extent of this recovery, driven particularly by business tourism, as well as by an upsurge in clients such as the Germans, the Japanese, and the Russians. Whilst Paris has benefited from the difficulties faced by other European destinations, notably ‘over-tourism’, the destination’s energy and vitality has succeeded in persuading inbound clientele of the urgency of making a trip today.

Download "Tourism in Paris - Key Figures 2018"

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