Tourism in Paris - Key Figures

The key figures of Tourism in Paris, a reference for all Parisian tourism professionals, compiles all the economic indicators for tourism activity in Paris.

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2021 has been another distinctive year for tourism in Paris.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a strong impact on the year in terms of inbound tourism, bringing to a halt a relatively dynamic recovery for the latter part of the year – even though activity remained well below 2019 levels.

This edition of Tourism in Paris – Key Figures is the opportunity to look back at all the indicators for the year 2021 and to start thinking about the outlook for the future. The Bureau has worked alongside tourism professionals to support the recovery in the sector and has used this period to reflect on the values of hospi- tality in Paris: a better geographical awareness of the region, the promotion of Greater Paris, a renewal of cultural offerings, new forms of mobility centred on cycling and the river Seine, a Manifesto for the Beauty of Paris … So many opportunities for moving forward together towards a more virtuous tourism and to prepare for a long-awaited recovery.

Read Tourism in Paris - Key Figures