Tourism in Paris - Key Figures 2008

With more than 35 million overnights in 2008, Paris maintained its worldwide appeal, in a unsettled economic context. Tourism indicators for Paris that year reached levels comparable to those of 2007, which was itself an exceptional year. Nevertheless, it was thanks to the good start to the fi rst half-year that results were so positive, the second half-year being marked by a reversal in growth on several fronts: overnights, RevPAR, number of passengers in airports, etc. So undoubtedly, 2008, a new benchmark year for Paris, ended a cycle of five consecutive growth years. | Publié le 31 July 2017

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The 7th edition of Tourism in Paris – key figures examines tourism activity in the capital, assesses the part it plays in the city’s economy and compares its evolution with that of other European tourism capitals. This publication underlines the dynamism of Paris, which continues to diversify its offer, with notably the opening of new original facilities like the Centquatre, the Historial Charles-de-Gaulle, the Collège des Bernardins, the Forum des images and the youth hostel St Christopher’s Inn.

The analysis of the different indicators collected in the second half of 2008 confirms the correlation between economic context and tourism activity. However, the capital addresses the crisis with the solid advantages of its new image, the diversification of its clientele and the richness of its heritage. These should enable it to get through this turbulent period more easily than other cities.