Tourism in Paris - Key Figures 2009

After years of growth in tourism and having seen visitor numbers for paris reach record hights, 2009 was a year marked by the global financial crisis. This affected the world of tourism and the uncertainty which it produced, for tourists and for businesses, affected Paris’s tourism economy. | Publié le 31 July 2017

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Foreign hotel overnights fell by 4.4% although domestic ones only fell by 1.7% as French people favoured their own country for their holidays. Business hotel overnights also fell by 4.3%, which reflected the concern of businesses to make savings. This situation weighed quite heavily on hotel performance in Paris, where the average revenue per available room (RevPAR) fell by 12.3%.

However, the total drop in the number of hotel overnights was limited to 3.4%: reaching a level of 33.9 million, equal to that of 2006. Paris has withstood the crisis better than its competitors, thanks to major assets such as the mixed composition of its clientele including more and more emerging countries, and its image throughout the world. Also for the first time, this 8th edition of Tourism in Paris – key figures echoes international studies that rank Paris as a quality destination with a diverse offer that is constantly being renewed.

The quality of Paris’s tourism offer, in the cultural sphere as well as in accommodation, is one of the best ramparts against the crisis. The creation of a fifth star and the modernization of standards in tourism accommodation for clientele can only contribute to making it even more attractive. The return of American and Japanese visitors since mid-2009 and an upturn in hotel arrivals since November 2009 make it possible to envisage 2010 as a year for recovery.