Tourism in Paris - Key Figures 2010

The crisis of 2009 and the rapid recovery that followed in 2010 have shown that Paris is able to adapt to a global tourism environment that is highly sensitive to economic circumstances. | Publié le 31 July 2017

Chiffres clés 2010 © OTCP

In 2009, Parisian tourism activity declined, with volume falling in line with that of 2006. But from 2010, this shortfall had almost been made up with certain indicators even outperforming their pre-crisis level. Hotel overnights broke the record reached in 2007: up by 5.7% compared to 2009, they reached 35.8 million.

These numbers were bolstered by French visitors (+8.8%), whose market share has been continually increasing for fifteen years. New markets such as China, Eastern Europe or South America, whose cumulative volume represented 32% of foreign overnights in Paris, also bolstered this recovery with sometimes impressive growth. The 9th edition of Tourism in Paris – Key figures takes into account this phenomenon by providing more detailed data in the tables illustrating hotel occupancy by nationality.

Business travel, another key element for tourism in Paris, was the fi rst to suffer from the crisis in the last quarter of 2008. But it was also this that boosted visitor numbers in 2010, with business overnights up by 11.1% — compared to 1.7% for leisure overnights. It should be noted that the recovery was not even. Mature markets, like the United States or our European neighbours, have still not regained their pre-crisis levels. And natural events — the eruption of the Eyjafjöll volcano, bad weather in December — have not favoured the return of European markets. However, the gradual improvement in the economic climate and the increasing customer loyalty of new clients allows us to hope that this recovery will be consolidated in 2011.