Tourism in Paris - Key Figures 2013

In 2013, interational tourist arrivals rose by 5% worldwide. The dynamic activity of new tourism markets was an important factor in the growth of tourism in the world. Paris benefited from this expansion, maintaining a high level of visitor numbers in 2013. | Publié le 31 July 2017

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This 12th edition of Tourism in Paris – Key Figures analyzes these performances in detail and presents the main features of the tourist industry in the French capital and the Inner Suburbs. Assessing the economic weight of tourism in Paris and the ability of the city to meet a growing demand is an essential first step in elaborating a development  strategy. Although Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, it must think carefully about how to retain its ranking. Paris’s position among its competitors, interaction with the Inner Suburbs, development of the client mix, marketing of business tourism, development of tourist accommodation … are all fundamental subjects that this edition throws light on.