Tourism and terrorism

How will the january/november 2015 terrorist attacks impact tourism?

The 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris created considerable turmoil, and raised some legitimate concerns. How will the attacks impact tourism? Which sectors will be most affected, and for how long? These concerns are all the more pressing because tourism plays a key role in the growth of the local economy. The fact that tourists are cutting short or cancelling their trips is an understandable cause of concern in the short term. What can we expect in the coming months? Previous cases of terrorist attacks in cities (Paris in 1995, followed by the attacks in New York, Madrid, London and Mumbai, and then the January 2015 attacks in Paris) provide us with some pertinent insights. Each of these incidents had its particularities (the people and symbols targeted; the number of victims, the media coverage, etc.). But, looking back, it is clear that the tourism sector as a whole (i.e. both the travel trade and tourists) has proven resilient to terrorist attacks.