Resources on tourism

Section comprising a set of additional links to our surveys that are also useful for research in the tourism sector.

1- International resources

World Tourism Organization (WTO)

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) and the United Nations institute responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. 

The resources available on their website include:

  • The key definitions of international tourism;
  • The salient facts of international tourism (key annual figures and outlook for tourism in 2030).

Tourism: bestinternational practices 

As part of the implementation of the Tourism Development Scheme for Paris by 2020, the Paris City Council had a survey undertaken to identify and describe innovations and good practices in tourism worldwide. This study conducted by TCI Research concerns both activities by public and private actors and public-private partnerships, with special attention given to cities that are competitors of Paris (capitals and metropolitan areas).

2- National resources

Atout France

Atout France is the French State’s sole operator for tourism. In addition to its tasks of analysis and observation, it contributes to boosting the attractiveness of the France destination (via a network of 33 offices in 30 countries) and the competitiveness of its businesses and industries. The G.I.E. (Groupement d'intérêt économique, an association for developing commercial interests) draws up an inventory of officially certified accommodation (hotels, aparthotels, campsites, etc.) according to criteria established in 2010.

Directorate-General for Enterprise – Tourism department

Under the authority of the Minister for the Economy and Finance, the DGE is tasked with developing the competitiveness and growth of companies in industry and services. The DGE publishes notably an annual ‘Memento du tourisme’ and a regular ‘4 pages’ on national tourism trends and statistics.

3- Resources Greater Paris

City of Paris Tourism Development Scheme

Presented at the Conseil de Paris in November 2016, the City of Paris Tourism Development Scheme for (2017-2022) is the result of 15 months’ work shared amongst 400 actors (professional and institutional) in the Paris tourism sector. The scheme is based on 4 main lines of development and 59 concrete measures. The 4 main lines of development are as follows:

  • Ongoing improvement of the quality and diversity of the tourism offer;
  • Improvement in welcome services for visitors to make Paris a hospitable city;
  • Development of a model of sustainable tourism respectful of the environment and inhabitants;
  • Making Paris a successful destination.

Consult the Tourism Development Scheme:

Numerical resources of the Paris City Council - OpenData

Transport, cultural amenities, parks and gardens, etc. The City of Paris departments and their partners publish data sets on line that are freely accessible and usable under the licence ODbL.

Consult the data here:

Paris Ubrnaism Agency (APUR)

APUR is an association whose role is to document, analyse and develop forward looking strategies for urban and societal evolution on a metropolitan scale. In 2017, the association published an interactive map of hotels in the Paris metropolis. This map offers a precise view of existing and potential sites – and facilities nearby – to enable project developers to get a relevant vision of the possibilities.

This initiative echoes the City of Paris Hotel Plan, which aims to create 12,000 additional bedrooms, at metropolitan level, by the end of the mandate.

Welcome City Lab

Welcome City Lab, an organization supported by Paris&Co, is the first incubator in the world devoted to the tourism sector. It helps more than 300 start-ups every year thanks to an ensemble of services (a place to meet, to converse, a monitoring unit, etc.) offered to start-ups and actors in the tourism sector.