They came to Paris...and share us theirs feelings about Paris !!

Marissa TEJADA for the blog "My Greece, my travel"


Why did you come to Paris ?

I have been to Paris twice in the past but those trips were just overnight because I was heading to other destinations in France.  This trip was the first time I had a week to explore the city. As a travel writer covering European travel, I not only came to find ideas for future stories about the destination but also came to spend time with my sister who lives in New York. Paris is an easy direct flight from New York and it is an easy direct flight from Athens, where I am currently based. I am from New York.

Which addresses do you recommend?

I certainly advise anyone who is exploring Paris for the first time to go to the hotspots. They may be touristic in their own ways but they are each oh so charming!

Montmartre and Sacre Coeur, The Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, Bastille, Marais, Trocadero and Montparnasse Tower for the view of the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Moulin Rouge.

I also went on a few Parisian food tours with Succulent Paris and Original Food Tours which were run by local foodies. Also, I recommend Blue Bike Tours Paris which was a wonderful way to bike like a Parisian around the city center.

As for gastronomic highlights, believe me, there were plenty!  From exploring the markets to ducking into the gorgeous chocolatiers, savoring freshly made-to-order crepes at creperies, ordering classic French dishes at bistros and brasseries, enjoying incredible wines and pretty much sampling every macaron I passed. I also really enjoyed fine dining at La Braisierie, Chef Jacques Faussat’s incredible restaurant in the 17th arrondissement.

What are for you the main qualities/ advantages of Paris ?


I think Paris is one of the great classic European cities, a destination that offers it all for the cultured and curious traveler.  It has amazing gastronomy, history, culture, nightlife and - of course - its beauty is just unparalleled.  Every corner is charming and there is much diversity to discover, up-and-coming districts to walk through and classic sights that are romantic, picturesque and exciting all at once. It is a city that is beautiful by day and by night – and while I was lucky to have sunny days while I visited – I think it is a city that would be beautiful in any kind of weather.

What are your general impressions about Paris…and the Parisians ?!!

I feel there is so much to get to know about Paris. One week was not enough! I could easily spend a month in the city and just uncover a few layers.  I find it to be an incredible foodie destination. I love that Parisians bike about and it is quite easy to use the metro. Also, it is just nice to stroll around.  I can’t emphasize enough just how beautiful the city is. I think Parisians have so many reasons to be proud of their city.

I found Parisians to be very nice and service was just fine. All of the locals we came in contact with were so helpful and willing to share their favorite spots in Paris. 


About Marissa Tejada

Native New Yorker Marissa Tejada is an author, food and travel writer and freelance journalist living in Greece.

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Marissa has a passion for travel in Europe and discovering the continent’s fascinating history and many cultures. Living in Greece, she has grown a soft-spot for the whitewashed buildings and clear blue seas of the Cycladic islands.  She is based in Athens.

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