“Mercredi, j’ai bateau !”: Explore Greater Paris via its waterways

“Mercredi, j’ai bateau !” (On Wednesdays, I go boating!) is a campaign being run for the first time by the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Hauts-de-Seine region, in partnership with the Explore Paris website and the Paris Port Community. The aim is to join forces with cruise operators and the Axe Seine association and showcase Greater Paris. The campaign runs from 28 July 2021 to 15 September 2021. | Publié le 30 July 2021

An original campaign

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Hauts-de-Seine region – in partnership with the Explore Paris website and the Paris Porte Community – have joined forces to create a completely new campaign for the summer season: “Mercredi, j’ai bateau!” (on Wednesdays, I go boating!). The purpose of this campaign is to showcase the region, introduce residents and visitors to a new way of visiting it, get tourism moving again during the summer season and support cruise operators who have been hard-hit by the pandemic. The cruises will be operated by Canauxrama and Paris Canal, under the Paris Port Community’s supervision, and the whole campaign will run from 28 July until 15 September 2021. The various stakeholders involved are hoping that the service will become a permanent fixture after this major launch. 

Cruises in the Hauts de Seine region

Wednesday, 28 July:

  • Guided 3h30 return cruise along the Seine from Paris to the Île de la Jatte. Visitors will get to admire key locations along the banks of the Seine, including the Tuileries Garden, the Great Palace and the Eiffel Tower. They will then explore the rehabilitated western part of Paris, including the Île Saint-Germain, the Île Seguin and the Seine Musicale performing arts centre, the Trapèze eco-neighbourhood, the Meudon Hills (painted by the Impressionists, some of whose paintings are in the Meudon Museum of Art and History) and the Île de la Jatte.

Wednesday, August 18:

  • Guided 3h30 cruise from Paris to Rueil-Malmaison. After the cruise, visitors can take a stroll along the banks of the Seine (the “promenade bleue”), or they can visit the Parc des Impressionnistes or the Domaine National de Malmaison.

Wednesday, 8 September:

  • Guided 1h30 cruise from Paris to Sèvres. Whether they start from Sèvres or from Paris, it's all aboard for an all-out exploration of the Seine. Activities to enjoy after the cruise include a visit to the nautical park on the Île de Monsieur or to the Sèvres Museum of Ceramics, or spending time at the Seine Musicale performing arts centre.

Seine-Saint-Denis cruises

Wednesday, 25 August:

  • Cruise along the Seine between the Musée d’Orsay and Saint-Denis, to learn about the river's flora and fauna. Once visitors get to the “6b” (a community-managed venue for working, cultural activities and discussion), they will be treated to a presentation of the “Odyssey shipyard” project, and will get a tour of the artists’ workshops. Two timeslots are available on the day for this cruise: 10 AM and 5:30 PM.
  • On the Seine, around the Île Saint-Denis, on an exploration of the site's heritage, as well as the transformations that it has undergone in preparation for construction of the Olympic Village for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Wednesday, 15 September: 

  • The Saint-Denis canal: history and cultural venues starting at the Parc de la Villette This year, the canal is celebrating its bicentenary and to mark this anniversary, visitors will be able to set sail on this waterway created by Napoleon and see how numerous industrial sites have been transformed into cultural projects.
  • Cruise along the Seine around the Île Saint-Denis, up to the Port of Gennevilliers’ first harbour basin – an opportunity to learn about its riches, particularly the history of water shipping.
  • Street art cruise along the Saint-Denis canal, from Saint-Denis to the Villette Basin, to unearth and explore the works of thirty or so urban artists as part of the Street Art Avenue Project Using a whole range of techniques – everything from aerosol spray and acrylic painting to stencil drawing and collage –, they are gradually transforming the banks, creating works of art on unexpected surfaces, such as Cimex® cement silos, the ground, pillars, bridges and walls.

Val-de-Marne cruises

Wednesday, 11 August:

  • Cruise along the upstream Seine: Waterfront architecture. This 2h30 cruise begins at Gare d’Austerlitz and ends in Vitry, offering visitors an opportunity to learn about the Seine's industrial history, the theme being an ever-changing river featuring numerous development projects initiated by the communities on its banks.

Wednesday, 1 September: 

  • Cruise between Paris and Joinville-le-Pont. Visitors will be able to board in Paris in the morning and then disembark in Joinville-le-Pont for lunch. Very popular among Parisians looking for a good time at the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th centuries, the banks of the Marne tributary have kept their natural, bucolic feel, providing visitors with a picturesque and heritage-themed excursion. A cruise starting from Joinville-le-Pont and ending in Paris is scheduled for the same day at 2 PM.

Wednesday, 15 September:

  • Cruise along the Marne, bucolic landscapes, dance halls and holidays. You'll be heading in the direction of Nogent, where many an enjoyable Sunday was spent during the Belle Epoque, for this 4h30 guided cruise. An afternoon spent cruising along the Marne, past its nautical clubs, its dance halls and its holiday villas.

Registrations and descriptions at Explore Paris.

Starting at 13 euros.

Health pass mandatory after 1 August 2021.


Explore Paris was created by a number of Paris-based stakeholders operating in the tourism sector within the framework of a tourism contract entered into with the State in June 2016: the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Hauts-de-Seine region, the Seine-Saint-Denis regional tourism committee, the Val-de-Marne regional tourism committee, the RATP, the Welcome City Lab, the IREST and Atout France. These eight bodies have pooled their expertise and their resources as part of a drive to overhaul and boost the image of Paris as a tourism destination, and to develop and showcase a new selection of urban tourism options throughout the Greater Paris region.