Paris Cinema and photography

Paris is an inspiration for photographers and film makers and seduces movie goers and photo enthusiasts.

Cinéma en plein air, butte Montmartre, Paris © OTCP - Marc Bertrand

Hollywood and Bollywood have plenty of competition! Paris has had cinema in its genes for more than a century. The quality and number of cinema houses offering some 500 films every week for all types of public make Paris a cinema capital. Paris is also an inspiration to film-makers, with every year more than 900 films shot in more than 4,400 locations in natural backdrops throughout the city... As for photography, from black-and-white to colour, from photo-journalism to art photography, it gets a high profile in Paris with events like the European Photo Month, the Paris Photo Fair, now held at the Grand Palais and major exhibitions. Institutions like the Cinémathèque française, the Maison européenne de la photographie, the Jeu de Paume, the Forum des Images, the Pompidou Centre and most recently Le BAL, all references on the subject, show rich and diverse works of photography.