Paris Sustainable tourism

Paris is committed to sustainable development and puts emphasis on ecological and responsible tourism.

Jardin des plantes, Paris © OTCP - Amélie Dupont

In an age when living, consuming and travelling need to be combined with environmental, ethical, social and compassionate considerations, Paris has embarked on a sustainable approach in a number of domains. Principal among these is tourism, including the range of promising initiatives that define the sustainable face of what is the world’s leading tourist destination. Paris is linked to the rest of Europe thanks to its six train stations at the very centre of the capital’s urban network. 21st century travellers get around Paris using public transport, but also by Velib’, by Autolib’, and even on foot; eat organic and responsibly-sourced food in specialist restaurants; and enjoy a stroll in the fresh air in one of the city’s 500 green spaces or nature parks of the Île-de- France region. They expand the range of tourist exploration to take in the lesser-known districts of Paris and seek out encounters with people who live in the city. They visit art exhibitions related to the subject and are interested in eco-design. Very soon, the reality of being a responsible tourist will be matched by that of professionals, major players in sustainable tourism. Paris is taking initiatives to come up with answers to make the most of the natural, cultural and social resources it already possesses, for the long term. This includes awarding ‘green’ accreditation to greater numbers of hotels, transforming certain districts into ‘eco-districts’ and giving even greater priority to urban transport projects that respect the environment. Not forgetting the participatory and ethical cultural tourism that it continues to promote.