Paris Green

Paris, a feel-good place! With parks and gardens, cycle rides … the city can be proud to be a truly green city!

Serres du jardin d'Auteuil Paris © OTCP - Amélie Dupont

With more than 400 parks and gardens covering almost 3,000 hectares, and more than 400,000 trees, Paris is a green capital! The Siemens Index of Green Cities ranked Paris as Europe’s second greenest city in 2009. A varied flora and fauna, wooded areas and cleanliness add to Paris’s image as an ecofriendly city, attentive and innovative in ways to improve the environment and the life of its citizens and visitors. Natural settings are plentiful throughout the city: new public parks, gardening for all, secret gardens, animals, and classes in eco-citizen savoir faire, etc. Initiatives and projects privileging ecofriendly activities have been springing up all over the city and non-polluting forms of transport are rapidly growing too.