Paris Sport

Paris is a leading sporting destination, staging major international championships and events each year.

Stade de France, façade nocturne, Paris © Stade de France®  Macary Zublena et Regembal Costantini architectes - ADAGP Paris 2014 - F. Aguilhon

I love Paris because Paris is a city that loves sport and that has a public, a culture and a tradition of high-level sport.’ This tribute by Novak Djokovic is that of a great champion to a great sporting city. Because although Paris is the city of culture, the arts, elegance, fashion and gastronomy, it also stands out as a great sporting metropolis, playing host every year to major competitions and international events. Whatever your passion, Paris has it all. And whatever your favourite sport may be, Paris offers you the chance to enjoy the thrill of sporting events at its world-renowned stadiums and arenas.