Paris with the Family

An afternoon outing to one of many parks and gardens, a visit to a cultural site … Paris has lots for families!

Paris, Palais de la Découverte, ateliers pour enfants, EPPDCSI © OTCP - Amélie Dupont

Paris is a family-friendly place. It is geared up for offering adults and children a wonderful stay. There is a whole host of activities to enjoy as a family: exploring different districts, relaxation and play in numerous parks and gardens, visits to famous monuments, shopping, etc. Throughout the year, the capital also offers fun fairs, circuses, shows and other attractions for having a great time together! And there is a lot to discover: new technology, delicious food after a boat trip, a bus tour or a ride in a hot air balloon. The city’s most beautiful sites are always a source of delight for kids and adults alike and are sure to provide unforgettable memories !